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Shark Shark
The shark netting programme has ceased for the moment.

The shark contractor caught a female 2.56 metre bull shark (see photos above). Due to recent damage caused to one net, the contractor believes that there is at least one large shark still in the canal system.

We have had discussions with Cr Russell Green and Council staff and recommended that the netting programme recommence for a period before 16 December 2011. Sharks are more active in the summer months.

We want to avoid netting during our annual boat parade on Friday 16 December and the busy Christmas and school holiday period when a lot of boats are out at night.

Another email will be sent when we have the dates for the next netting programme.

A review of the results of the next netting programme will be carried out to determine if it should be continued after the Christmas period and school holidays.

If you sight a shark please email Warren Burrows with details.

This update added 25th August 2011


We have recently had a number of sightings of a shark or sharks about 1.5 metres long. Two of the recent occurrences were when a shark followed a kayak (a nearby following kayaker observed it) about 7 am. On another occasion at 6.15 pm, a shark also about 1.5 metres, was one metre from a person standing on the revetment wall. There was no doubt that it was a shark and not a stingray.

We have raised all of the incidents with the Sunshine Coast Regional Council. They have in turn discussed the situation with the responsible entity, the Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries. The Department's views are detailed in their "A Report of Queensland Shark Safety Program" where they state that:

"In response to local government demand, DPI&F considered the issue of locating shark control equipment into canals but concluded that this is extremely problematic in many respects and cannot provide sufficient assurance that bathers are properly protected. In short, any application of Shark Safety Program gear to canal environments would be ineffective long term and worse give rise to false expectations in relation to bather safety. At the present time, swimming enclosures which are provided by local governments and appropriate education campaigns are considered the most appropriate way to deal with shark threat in canals."
We are not aware of any attacks on people or animals in our canals. It is important to remember however, that sharks frequent oceans, lakes, rivers and canals.

The Department also advises that the following tips should be followed to minimise the chance of shark attack:

  • Swim or surf only at patrolled beaches; between the flags and where shark safety equipment is in place;
  • Obey the lifesavers' and lifeguards' advice, and heed all flags and noticeboard warnings;
  • Leave the water if a shark is sighted;
  • Do not swim or surf after dusk, at night, or before dawn when sharks become more active;
  • Do not swim or surf in murky or silt-laden waters;
  • Do not swim in, or at the mouth of, rivers, artificial canals and lakes;
  • Never swim alone;
  • Never swim when bleeding;
  • Do not swim near schools of fish;
  • Do not swim near, or interfere with, shark control equipment.
Common sense should be used in deciding where to swim in all Queensland waters.

This page added 23rd February 2010

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