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Noosa Council


Noosa Waters


The residents of Noosa Waters, represented by the Noosa Waters Residents Association, aud the Noosa Council wish to establish a formal agreement to assist in the management and control of various issues impacting upon the residents of the Noosa Waters Estate.
The aims of the partnering charter are to:
  • Establish high levels of communication and cooperation between the local government and the residents of this area;
  • To optimise Council service levels to the estate within available resources;
  • To enhance community spirit and quality of life for residents of the estate;
  • To enhance and maintain agreed environmental values.
Issues of mutual interests and co-operation:


  • Levels of service and allocation of responsibilities for parks and park furniture;
  • Nature strips, entry statements, roundabouts and fountains;
  • Drainage, easements;
  • Rubbish, litter control.
Lock, Weir and Waterways
  • Access and management;
  • Maintenance and capital replacements;
  • Fees, charges and apportionment of costs;
  • Canal maintenance, rubbish control, maintenance of canal infrastructure;
  • Performance objectives;
  • Interaction with other levels of Government.
Traffic and Pedestrian Safety

Road and Pedestrian Access and links to other Facilities

Communication with the existing and prospective Residents

Impact on Noosa Waters Estate of Surrounding Developments

Public Safety, Vandalism and Personal Security

  Statement of Values:

The partners agree that in all interaction the following values will be maintained.

  • Genuine consultation between the partners before any significant decisions are reached;
  • Commitment by the partners to all decisions jointly reached;
  • A relationship based on co-operation and not confrontation;
  • Reasonable expectation by both parties and recognition of each party's limitations and contributions.
Legal issues and limitations:
  • The parties acknowledge that all operations must be in compliance with the law.
  • The parties shall recognise and document where each partner may be exposed and shall take such action as to help protect each other to minimise that exposure.
Conduct of business:
  • The parties recognise the need for different structure for planning and day to day operations.
  • Planning, decision making and consideration of issues will involve a variety of contributors from both partners. Planning issues shall be directed through a planning team comprising agreed representatives.
  • Day to day operations should operate on a less formal arrangement with contact being made to nominated offices for nominated issues.
Feedback review control:
  • The parties agree to annually review both the formal mechanisms and the performance generally emanating from the partnership, and to make such changes as may be necessary.
  • The partners agree to publish achievements and performance of the partnership.
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